Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Blog Woop Woop

Hi Blogger

I am starting todays blog by saying that I trust that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was ok but as I expressed (maybe a little too much) Christmas is not my favourite time of the year.

This post is to say that I will have another blog based around health tips. This is a bit of a random topic but I am one big lover for keeping fit and exercise. This blog will be aimed at giving little tips and tricks for keeping fit. These tips and tricks are not really cheats as such but they do make keeping fit and healthy a lot easier. All of the tips, pointers and tricks do work as I have tried them and at the end of each blog I will say how effective they are if they are to do with working out or keeping healthy. Some of the tips are random like the best cure for a hangover or so but this is because I have read up on this.

I hope that all of you have a great new years. Hope to see you guys on my other blog.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Why I think That Christmas Is Shit

Hi Bogger

I apologise for my poorly punctuated and spelt last post; I was half asleep whilst writing.

As it is the run up to Christmas everybody is talking and singing Christmas songs. The problem with this is the exact same songs are played every year, which I find annoying, It's not that I'm against Christmas, which I am and I'm not but I will go in to this in detail, because all of the Christmas songs are terrible in my opinion apart from the piss takes like the insanity wolf song and the night Santa went crazy. The only Christmas song I can actually stand is band aid because it was produced for a reason and is not like the other songs which are about how ridiculously great Christmas is.

As I said earlier, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas; this is because my parents split up on Christmas day two years ago, which completely ruined Christmas ever since. Every Christmas I am reminded that my parents started arguing, shouting and cursing at 5 in the morning and my father walking out and sat in the car and started crying. I don't know if you think the same way but a woman's laugh is the nicest but a man's tear is the most powerful. I saw my father crying and I just broke down.

Every year since my parents argue to see who gets me and my sister for Christmas. I usually get the final say as I am the eldest of my sister and me, and my sister has no common since, choosing between parents is a shit feeling because the parent I don't choose feels like I love the other more, which is not the case, and argues more. I have had enough of this shit. I would love it if one year I was alone in a forest camping on Christmas day and I would hunt a wild pheasant and eat it.

That's enough of my sob story as I am sure that you guys don't actually care. To be honest I don't any more. I am far away from caring for what anybody has to say about me, think about me or do to me. I know that the world is far from perfect and positive. There is one last reason why I dislike Christmas which is the fact that in Africa, India and places like that, the best gift that someone can bring to give to those children is life, and as far as I am aware, nobody gives a shit about them. I hate people like that because chances are it is them who are killing the African children. Please do something about this as I am and always do.

thanks for reading my blog and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Hike

Hi Blogger

On Friday, after school, I came strait home and packed a 35 litre bag and walked to my friends house. When I arrived at my friends house I ditched my bag their and we went strait into Tesco to buy some food for the 20 mile hike which we would be walking the next day. In the end we brought : 2 loaves of freshly baked bread; five packs of curry super noodles; 2 packs of fruit pastels; 2 packs of migit gems; 1 pack of 8 toffee crisps; 1 pack of 8 kitkat chunkies and an 8 pack of coke.

We brought this because my friend , Joe, thought that we would need this much food to last us. That night we had our tea and went to bed a 11:30. Joe decided to play a blackadder audio tape, which was annoying as I could not sleep.

The next morning we got up at 6:45 and sat in our beds for 20 minutes. When we got up we got dressed in our hiking gear , combat trousers and a few base layers. We ate breakfast and left.

We left the house at 7:30 in the morning when we were ment to leave at eight so we had half an hour to spare so we walked. We walked into a corn fields and I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, ( even more pretty than my girlfriend, which I should not be saying). The sunset was a beautiful orange and lit up the sky like a flare. It was like god was watching us and rewarding us for actually getting up early and doing something than staying in bed like a lot of nowadays teenagers.

Joe started saying that, that exact moment was one of the best moments of 2014, which is was as nothing much will compare to that as their is not much of 2014 left. We walked on until we got to fox ham ( a little village 6 miles out side of Chippenham which is were I live) and we sat down outside on a bench and we drank a can of peps and ate a pack of raw super noodles ( which are discusting so I don't really think I will be doing that again.

This is all I will tell you about the Hike because I do not wish to bore my readers as I don't really want to lose any but there we go. Today's tip is:

There is no point in being lazy. It may seem a good idea and good but if you are lazy and sleep in, you will end up missing the beautiful sights of the world for example sun sets and rises.

I hope to write again and if anyone wants to hear more about my Hike please comment.

have a nice xmas if I don't blog by then.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Again, a Random Post

Hello Blogger

I apologise that I do not post that often now but this is because I have to revise for my GCSE exams in the summer and the mocks I will be having in a few weeks. This year I have already taken my science, maths and English exams and I really hope that I get good grades so I can join the RAF as that is the career I would like because I have a love of planes and choppers so being able to fix them will be a huge amount of fun.
Another reason that I want to join the RAF is because the pay is good. Whilst I am training I will get something like £17,000 a year and when I start  a proper job in the RAF I will earn £20,000 a year and with 2 pay rises a year, it will be a great way to get money so I can get my dream car.

Talking about cars, my favourite car is the Audi R8 hardtop convertible which, if I work hard enough, I will try to get. Yes I can admit it will take me ages to get that car because it will cost me from £120,000 to £180,000 to buy but that much for a great German supercar, hell yeah.

I have also started going to a gym to help me get through the RAF fitness selection test. Already I can feel the difference as after 3 weeks of going,  I am mentally and physically stronger which is brilliant because this time next year I will be taking the fitness selection test so until then I will be going to the gym to make my life easier.

I hope I can write again soon but I can make no promises.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Reliving the past

Hello Blogger

I have to say sorry  for me not blogging and i mean it. I have been having problems with my computer. Because of this. i can't promise to blog every week or so.

As I am in year 11 now, I keep looking back on how much my friends and I have come over the years; i'm not going to lie, we have came far. I wish that time could be more kind as it seems not long ago I was that runt of the pack in year seven. Again I am not going to lie, I enjoyed it back then. As much as I can't wait to get my future started and go in to training for the RAF, I wish I had stayed 13 as that was when I enjoyed everything. Back then, life seemed easy and I enjoyed it.

People say don't dwell on the past, but for me it is the past that gets me motivated. because that was when life was great and I would do anything to get that life back, but I know that I will not be able to.

The reason that I am waffling about this is because there is one song that reminds me of the past. That song is called Seneca Falls, By the Distillers. This was and still is my favorite song as my Auntie shown it to me many years ago as it was on one of my favorite games. The game was called Tony hawks pro skater 4.

I hope i will have time to write again soon

Monday, 8 September 2014

I have actually had a good day.

Hello blogger

Today I thought that I might write on my blog as I have nothing to do so I thought that I would write about something even though I have nothing to write about. This will be the most random blog to date. I find it very hard to find inspiration for writing a story or anything really. I just thought that I would add that just to add to the randomness. The brilliant thing about life is that when you go through hell, you understand more about life and how to appreciate it and to know this, you don't need to be an Einstein to know this either but it is a huge shame that people, being specific  the teenagers who think that they are untouchable, think that they are better than life itself, but they will understand as I have.

I have nothing else to write about so i had better go before I bore all of my readers to death.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Guess Who's Back. With random shizzle.

Hello Blogger

My sincerest apologies to everyone who reads my blog for not putting anything up recently. This has been the case because I am now in yr 11 so I have been preparing myself for all the coursework I will be given this year. I don't know why but my future ambitions include joining the Royal Air Force as an air mechanic,(by this I mean a mechanic that fixes air craft like jets and choppers for the RAF). I think that this is a good idea because I can join when I am 16 so i will not have to go to collage or sixth form which is good as there are not many courses that I wanted to do in either.

I have also started to write a small amount of poems so if you would like to hear them then please comment or follow my blog. I don't think that i am very good at writing poems but it all depends if my peers like them rather than myself. I learn't something the other day which is totally unrelated to poetry but here it is; Life is not all about sunshine and happiness and life will kick you to your knees if you let it but It's not about how hard you can hit life back. It's about how hard you can get hit and carry on. I have no idea why I have written this on my blog but oh well. I hope that I have taught someone something.

Yesterday I went bowling with a group of friends and we played 2 games. I won both games and got 7 strikes in the process so I have definitely beaten my record of 3 strikes in two games.

I hope I will be able to carry on writing my blog with all the work I will have to do this year

Friday, 8 August 2014


Hello blogger

Today I was going to go and watch the new Inbetweeners movie which is in cinemas at the moment, but my bloody sister has stolen my money so I can't afford to go. Thanks to her, my day has been ruined as I have been looking forward to today but now there is now point. I now think  that my sister is part of the lowlife scum that live on this earth but with the fact that she does not actually care makes things worse. The same thing happened a few weeks ago, when i was going to go to bath with some friends; I think that she takes my money when I am going to do something that she is not allowed to do, as she is nine, so I can't do it. Also to make matters worse my mother is refusing to let me borrow another £10 so I can go, Instead she uses the excuse 'I'm sorry Sean but how can you tell that your sister has taken your money and that you have not spent it on crap' even though I have shown her a video of my sister stealing my cash, on my phone. Of course my sister has to deny all of this as she does not want me to do something that she can't do because apparently it is unfair but I have told her time over that it is fair as you will be able to do things that I do ,when you are  older. The funny thing is that when her money goes missing, usually because she spends it all with my mum, they blame me for taking it even though it is obvious that I have not as I do not have anything new and I am the sort of person who does not waste money as it is important.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

I'm So Sorry

Hi blogger

I have to apologise for me not posting for a while. I have forgotten to say that I will not be posting on Wednesdays and Thursdays as i am at my dad's house and I will not be bothered to post things then. If any of my readers have an Xbox 360 i would like to add you, this may be making me look desperate but I love meeting new people. My gamertag is EVI1bunny13. I know it is stupid but if things go my way then i will have a part time job during the summer so I will be able to change it to something. If you have any ideas what i could change it to please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Saw Wiki and Other Things

Hello Blogger
Last night me and my friend ,Nathan Kent,  were correcting and editing the saw wiki as most of it was wrong but it is not now. Who ever written the wiki page for saw has either not understood saw properly or they just got their facts wrong. For a wiki page I found this funny as people research  for hours to fill and create these pages but they get there facts incorrect and two 15 year old school kids come around and change everything. We were correcting the wiki page at about 1 in the morning so much to my surprise I managed to get up at 11:00. Today I was woken up to the sweet sound of my cat scratching on my door, as I forgot that my mum told me to feed her, I found this incredibly funny as when I opened my door, my cat just ran and jumped on to my bed and curled up, this was probably a tactical decision so I don't go back to bed. This worked and didn't work because i went down stairs followed by my cat and i sat on the sofa waiting for my cat to sulk. this was funny because when my cat does sulk she starts to meow so that was one of the highlights of today.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Another random post

Hello Blogger
Today I have just been lazing around as i have jack shit to do. Yesterday I went out to use my Bow and arrows for the fun of it so I am thinking of going and using that today if I can be bothered. I don't know if any of you guys listen to this type of music but the new album by  Brody Dalle is out and I cant get enough of it. If you are interested, the name of the album is Diploid Love. The great thing about this music is that it puts me in the correct mood for Call of Duty MW3 as that is the best one in my opinion. Another reason why I like the album is because it was written by one of punk rock's best singers from the best punk rock band, The Distillers. The album is not really punk rock but I just love it. Another album I love is called Buckle up that strap by the ASBO Retards. I love this album because my uncle was the lead guitarist in the band. Sadly he has passed away so i listed to the album to remind me of the sweet memories of him. . This morning I woke up and I happened to get a phone call from a number i do not know of. The people on the other side of the call were asking me to meet them in town in a few hours but they did not sound very nice so that is something I will not be doing today. I wish the summer holidays would not be so boring because in the shitty town of Chippenham, there is nothing to do apart from go to town with a bunch of friends and just do bugger all there instead of at or houses. Another problem with the summer is the fact that the weather is too hot to do anything apart from sit and watch T.V which is boring. I have to admit that Barbecues are one of the best things to have during the summer. What's better than get family and friends over and talk over tons of BBQ ribs, burgers, sausages and chicken wings?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Probably This will Be the Most Random Blog Ever.

Hello Blogger
From this I am trusting that you guy's think that I have nothing to do, because at quarter past 12 at night there is literally nothing to do apart from watch Saw 2 on ITV2 which is a problem because of the breaks. I don't understand the concept of staying up late to watch a film which you already own on DVD or on websites .e.g Netflix. Its almost like we want to watch a film that we own but late at night, in worse quality and  ruined by breaks because you miss a little bit of the film in order to make scene to someone who has just turned over. Because of this i have found a solution. Once a film has started, the viewer can not  change channel and if the film has started then people who are not viewing already can't change to that channel, And for the break problem the film just stops like the toilet break most people have during DVDs. That way none of the fim is ruined by missing parts for the idiots who can't be bothered to watch the start of the film. I have always thought that Saw 2 was the worst for some reason and I don't know why; the best one in my opinion is Saw 7 and it's not because it's the last one.The problem with Watching saw with a drink the colour red like cranberry juice is after about 30 mins the juice warms to room temperature and tastes a little like iron. This maybe just my crazy thoughts but it starts to taste like blood. I have to admit that the cranberry thing is pretty twisted but hey that's me all over ha ha. New topic. I was on a train a few days ago and there was an overweight 15 year old playing on a PSP. The game this guy was playing was darts. I thought of two reasons for this: reason 1: Fat people are genuinely good at darts
2: the kid was so fat so he could not be bothered to play a more active game.
I had found this random guy fairly amusing because if you watch darts championships you usually see obese, sweaty men throw sticks with sharp point at a bored. I don't know why they class darts as a sport as you don't even get out of breath. It's the same as snooker, pool ,golf and bowls.
I love the way that when i write about random rubbish i can write more than if I were to write about a specific thing.

Day Two- Another Shitty Day

Hello Blogger
Today up at 12:00 in the afternoon by a phone call from my mother. This phone call said ' Sean where are you, come and get your sister'.
'Why'. I asked
'Because your grandparent's house has been broken in to'.
From this I was expecting the whole house to have broken windows. When I arrived There was 1 cop car and my and her, Sister and mother were sat on the drive. My sister told me that the'robbers' as they just made a mess. I found out the wankers stole the safe which had money in. The funny thing is the fact that the Bellends drank most of the alcohol in the house.  This News pissed me right off and if the criminals are reading this. FUCK YOU ASS WHOLES. HOW CAN U ROB AN OLD COUPLES HOUSE. YOU MAKE ME FUCKING SICK.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Day, New Blog

Hello Blogger.
I am new to this as I am writing at 01:24 in the morning which is sort of a problem as I am shattered. Today I walked to Mcdonalds with my close friend Adam Gibbs because we had too much time on our hands as it is the summer holidays. On the way there We saw an old man who staled his car and was swearing ferociously. When I got home, full of crap, I just went on my Xbox. What  an eventful life I have. I have to admit though the new game I brought (Too Human) is a good game. The aim of the game is to save the human race from a lot of random robots and become a god whilst doing so.

I intend to write more  on my blog so i be balin.