Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day Two- Another Shitty Day

Hello Blogger
Today up at 12:00 in the afternoon by a phone call from my mother. This phone call said ' Sean where are you, come and get your sister'.
'Why'. I asked
'Because your grandparent's house has been broken in to'.
From this I was expecting the whole house to have broken windows. When I arrived There was 1 cop car and my and her, Sister and mother were sat on the drive. My sister told me that the'robbers' as they just made a mess. I found out the wankers stole the safe which had money in. The funny thing is the fact that the Bellends drank most of the alcohol in the house.  This News pissed me right off and if the criminals are reading this. FUCK YOU ASS WHOLES. HOW CAN U ROB AN OLD COUPLES HOUSE. YOU MAKE ME FUCKING SICK.

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