Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Saw Wiki and Other Things

Hello Blogger
Last night me and my friend ,Nathan Kent,  were correcting and editing the saw wiki as most of it was wrong but it is not now. Who ever written the wiki page for saw has either not understood saw properly or they just got their facts wrong. For a wiki page I found this funny as people research  for hours to fill and create these pages but they get there facts incorrect and two 15 year old school kids come around and change everything. We were correcting the wiki page at about 1 in the morning so much to my surprise I managed to get up at 11:00. Today I was woken up to the sweet sound of my cat scratching on my door, as I forgot that my mum told me to feed her, I found this incredibly funny as when I opened my door, my cat just ran and jumped on to my bed and curled up, this was probably a tactical decision so I don't go back to bed. This worked and didn't work because i went down stairs followed by my cat and i sat on the sofa waiting for my cat to sulk. this was funny because when my cat does sulk she starts to meow so that was one of the highlights of today.

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