Sunday, 27 July 2014

Probably This will Be the Most Random Blog Ever.

Hello Blogger
From this I am trusting that you guy's think that I have nothing to do, because at quarter past 12 at night there is literally nothing to do apart from watch Saw 2 on ITV2 which is a problem because of the breaks. I don't understand the concept of staying up late to watch a film which you already own on DVD or on websites .e.g Netflix. Its almost like we want to watch a film that we own but late at night, in worse quality and  ruined by breaks because you miss a little bit of the film in order to make scene to someone who has just turned over. Because of this i have found a solution. Once a film has started, the viewer can not  change channel and if the film has started then people who are not viewing already can't change to that channel, And for the break problem the film just stops like the toilet break most people have during DVDs. That way none of the fim is ruined by missing parts for the idiots who can't be bothered to watch the start of the film. I have always thought that Saw 2 was the worst for some reason and I don't know why; the best one in my opinion is Saw 7 and it's not because it's the last one.The problem with Watching saw with a drink the colour red like cranberry juice is after about 30 mins the juice warms to room temperature and tastes a little like iron. This maybe just my crazy thoughts but it starts to taste like blood. I have to admit that the cranberry thing is pretty twisted but hey that's me all over ha ha. New topic. I was on a train a few days ago and there was an overweight 15 year old playing on a PSP. The game this guy was playing was darts. I thought of two reasons for this: reason 1: Fat people are genuinely good at darts
2: the kid was so fat so he could not be bothered to play a more active game.
I had found this random guy fairly amusing because if you watch darts championships you usually see obese, sweaty men throw sticks with sharp point at a bored. I don't know why they class darts as a sport as you don't even get out of breath. It's the same as snooker, pool ,golf and bowls.
I love the way that when i write about random rubbish i can write more than if I were to write about a specific thing.

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