Monday, 8 September 2014

I have actually had a good day.

Hello blogger

Today I thought that I might write on my blog as I have nothing to do so I thought that I would write about something even though I have nothing to write about. This will be the most random blog to date. I find it very hard to find inspiration for writing a story or anything really. I just thought that I would add that just to add to the randomness. The brilliant thing about life is that when you go through hell, you understand more about life and how to appreciate it and to know this, you don't need to be an Einstein to know this either but it is a huge shame that people, being specific  the teenagers who think that they are untouchable, think that they are better than life itself, but they will understand as I have.

I have nothing else to write about so i had better go before I bore all of my readers to death.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Guess Who's Back. With random shizzle.

Hello Blogger

My sincerest apologies to everyone who reads my blog for not putting anything up recently. This has been the case because I am now in yr 11 so I have been preparing myself for all the coursework I will be given this year. I don't know why but my future ambitions include joining the Royal Air Force as an air mechanic,(by this I mean a mechanic that fixes air craft like jets and choppers for the RAF). I think that this is a good idea because I can join when I am 16 so i will not have to go to collage or sixth form which is good as there are not many courses that I wanted to do in either.

I have also started to write a small amount of poems so if you would like to hear them then please comment or follow my blog. I don't think that i am very good at writing poems but it all depends if my peers like them rather than myself. I learn't something the other day which is totally unrelated to poetry but here it is; Life is not all about sunshine and happiness and life will kick you to your knees if you let it but It's not about how hard you can hit life back. It's about how hard you can get hit and carry on. I have no idea why I have written this on my blog but oh well. I hope that I have taught someone something.

Yesterday I went bowling with a group of friends and we played 2 games. I won both games and got 7 strikes in the process so I have definitely beaten my record of 3 strikes in two games.

I hope I will be able to carry on writing my blog with all the work I will have to do this year