Thursday, 9 October 2014

Reliving the past

Hello Blogger

I have to say sorry  for me not blogging and i mean it. I have been having problems with my computer. Because of this. i can't promise to blog every week or so.

As I am in year 11 now, I keep looking back on how much my friends and I have come over the years; i'm not going to lie, we have came far. I wish that time could be more kind as it seems not long ago I was that runt of the pack in year seven. Again I am not going to lie, I enjoyed it back then. As much as I can't wait to get my future started and go in to training for the RAF, I wish I had stayed 13 as that was when I enjoyed everything. Back then, life seemed easy and I enjoyed it.

People say don't dwell on the past, but for me it is the past that gets me motivated. because that was when life was great and I would do anything to get that life back, but I know that I will not be able to.

The reason that I am waffling about this is because there is one song that reminds me of the past. That song is called Seneca Falls, By the Distillers. This was and still is my favorite song as my Auntie shown it to me many years ago as it was on one of my favorite games. The game was called Tony hawks pro skater 4.

I hope i will have time to write again soon