Sunday, 14 December 2014

Why I think That Christmas Is Shit

Hi Bogger

I apologise for my poorly punctuated and spelt last post; I was half asleep whilst writing.

As it is the run up to Christmas everybody is talking and singing Christmas songs. The problem with this is the exact same songs are played every year, which I find annoying, It's not that I'm against Christmas, which I am and I'm not but I will go in to this in detail, because all of the Christmas songs are terrible in my opinion apart from the piss takes like the insanity wolf song and the night Santa went crazy. The only Christmas song I can actually stand is band aid because it was produced for a reason and is not like the other songs which are about how ridiculously great Christmas is.

As I said earlier, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas; this is because my parents split up on Christmas day two years ago, which completely ruined Christmas ever since. Every Christmas I am reminded that my parents started arguing, shouting and cursing at 5 in the morning and my father walking out and sat in the car and started crying. I don't know if you think the same way but a woman's laugh is the nicest but a man's tear is the most powerful. I saw my father crying and I just broke down.

Every year since my parents argue to see who gets me and my sister for Christmas. I usually get the final say as I am the eldest of my sister and me, and my sister has no common since, choosing between parents is a shit feeling because the parent I don't choose feels like I love the other more, which is not the case, and argues more. I have had enough of this shit. I would love it if one year I was alone in a forest camping on Christmas day and I would hunt a wild pheasant and eat it.

That's enough of my sob story as I am sure that you guys don't actually care. To be honest I don't any more. I am far away from caring for what anybody has to say about me, think about me or do to me. I know that the world is far from perfect and positive. There is one last reason why I dislike Christmas which is the fact that in Africa, India and places like that, the best gift that someone can bring to give to those children is life, and as far as I am aware, nobody gives a shit about them. I hate people like that because chances are it is them who are killing the African children. Please do something about this as I am and always do.

thanks for reading my blog and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

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