Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Hike

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On Friday, after school, I came strait home and packed a 35 litre bag and walked to my friends house. When I arrived at my friends house I ditched my bag their and we went strait into Tesco to buy some food for the 20 mile hike which we would be walking the next day. In the end we brought : 2 loaves of freshly baked bread; five packs of curry super noodles; 2 packs of fruit pastels; 2 packs of migit gems; 1 pack of 8 toffee crisps; 1 pack of 8 kitkat chunkies and an 8 pack of coke.

We brought this because my friend , Joe, thought that we would need this much food to last us. That night we had our tea and went to bed a 11:30. Joe decided to play a blackadder audio tape, which was annoying as I could not sleep.

The next morning we got up at 6:45 and sat in our beds for 20 minutes. When we got up we got dressed in our hiking gear , combat trousers and a few base layers. We ate breakfast and left.

We left the house at 7:30 in the morning when we were ment to leave at eight so we had half an hour to spare so we walked. We walked into a corn fields and I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, ( even more pretty than my girlfriend, which I should not be saying). The sunset was a beautiful orange and lit up the sky like a flare. It was like god was watching us and rewarding us for actually getting up early and doing something than staying in bed like a lot of nowadays teenagers.

Joe started saying that, that exact moment was one of the best moments of 2014, which is was as nothing much will compare to that as their is not much of 2014 left. We walked on until we got to fox ham ( a little village 6 miles out side of Chippenham which is were I live) and we sat down outside on a bench and we drank a can of peps and ate a pack of raw super noodles ( which are discusting so I don't really think I will be doing that again.

This is all I will tell you about the Hike because I do not wish to bore my readers as I don't really want to lose any but there we go. Today's tip is:

There is no point in being lazy. It may seem a good idea and good but if you are lazy and sleep in, you will end up missing the beautiful sights of the world for example sun sets and rises.

I hope to write again and if anyone wants to hear more about my Hike please comment.

have a nice xmas if I don't blog by then.

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