Friday, 8 August 2014


Hello blogger

Today I was going to go and watch the new Inbetweeners movie which is in cinemas at the moment, but my bloody sister has stolen my money so I can't afford to go. Thanks to her, my day has been ruined as I have been looking forward to today but now there is now point. I now think  that my sister is part of the lowlife scum that live on this earth but with the fact that she does not actually care makes things worse. The same thing happened a few weeks ago, when i was going to go to bath with some friends; I think that she takes my money when I am going to do something that she is not allowed to do, as she is nine, so I can't do it. Also to make matters worse my mother is refusing to let me borrow another £10 so I can go, Instead she uses the excuse 'I'm sorry Sean but how can you tell that your sister has taken your money and that you have not spent it on crap' even though I have shown her a video of my sister stealing my cash, on my phone. Of course my sister has to deny all of this as she does not want me to do something that she can't do because apparently it is unfair but I have told her time over that it is fair as you will be able to do things that I do ,when you are  older. The funny thing is that when her money goes missing, usually because she spends it all with my mum, they blame me for taking it even though it is obvious that I have not as I do not have anything new and I am the sort of person who does not waste money as it is important.

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